All staff positions listed here are volunteer positions. Staff members are asked to provide their order of preference for the positions they are seeking. Staff placement is based on need and experience with that position. Please read the descriptions prior to applying.

Directing Staff Positions

Directing staff positions must be approved in advance. If you are interested in one of these positions please email for additional information.


The Camp Director manages all aspects of the Camp Program throughout the week-long session. They help provide an atmosphere of good morale and well being amongst the camp participants. The Camp Director will monitor safety and all procedures as they pertain to the complete supervision of all Campers and Staff. The Director works closely with the Deans, Program Manager, and Support Counselor to ensure the week is run smoothly and efficiently. Together, with the Directing Staff, the Director will promote clear communication between Staff members as well as expectations of conduct for everyone.

Program Manager

The Program Manager’s primary role is to provide the program staff the same level and type of support that the Deans provide to the counselors and CITs. The Program Manager will create a strong relationship with each Program Staff Member which will ensure each Summer Camp Program is prepared, properly staffed, running smooth, and most importantly fun and beneficial for the campers. The program manager will be responsible to ensure each staff member is where they are supposed to be at all times, assign secondary duties to all program staff, and assist where needed. In addition, they will also assist with the opening and closing of camp, meet with Program Staff on the first day of camp, gather inventory lists the last day of camp, and turn in to the camp office.

Support Counselor

The Support Counselor is a professional working in the field of mental health (psychologist, therapist, social worker, etc.) who will provide guidance to camp participants regarding behavior and/or emotional concerns. The Support Counselor’s priority is to be with the deans and campers throughout the day and will be the liaison between the nurse, chaplain, and deans, to assist with campers experiencing emotions or behaviors impeding their camp experience, such as homesickness, defiance, being withdrawn, and bullying/aggressive behaviors.

Girls' & Boys' Dean

The Deans work with the Camp Director to ensure a smoothly operating week of Camp. They oversee and supervise the Camp Counselors and CITs. They help maintain the Camp schedule, assist in morning wake-up, and lights out. They serve as the point of contact for the Counselors and CITs and strive to support and nurture their growth. The Deans will create a strong relationship with every Counselor and CIT to guarantee a memorable and rewarding experience for their campers.


The chaplain is a member of the clergy who has been assigned by the Diocesan Liaison. The chaplain is present the entire week and is responsible for coordinating chapel services twice a day, Divine Liturgy on Friday morning, manages the implementation of the camp curriculum, and works closely as a member of the directing team in all aspects of camp. He should be consulted in serious matters of camper or staff discipline and serves as an acting representative of the primate.


Counseling Staff Positions

Cabin Counselor

Counselors are responsible for the campers entrusted to his or her care AT ALL TIMES. Counselors are expected to exhibit and promote respectful, Christian behavior in all aspects of camp life, including wearing attire appropriate for a CHURCH camp where clergy is present. Counselors encourage the active participation of all campers in the camp program. They help to maintain the camp schedule by ensuring that all campers are in the right place at the right time. They must come to camp prepared to help campers quickly develop cabin unity, with ideas for campfire, and with recommendations for talent show acts (these topics will be discussed at the camp preparation session). Most importantly, counselors are expected to participate fully in all camper activities and be good Christian role models.


Program Staff Positions

Arts & Crafts

Responsibilities include implementing the arts and crafts program as designed by the Summer Camp Committee. This position involves organizing and neatly maintaining the arts and crafts pavilion, including its supply inventory. Duties also include assisting campers with their projects and ensuring that projects are completed by the end of the week.

Sports/Afternoon Activities

Responsibilities include implementing the sports, fishing, and afternoon activities as designed by the Summer Camp Committee. This position involves organizing and maintaining sporting equipment, including proper storage at the end of each day. Duties also include setting up sports activities in various venues, engaging campers in a variety of twilight and evening activities, organizing and running tournaments (basketball, ping pong, tavloo etc.), organizing twilight hike, and ensuring that all campers are encouraged to participate. Part of the responsibilities of fishing include waking up for fishing at 6 am each morning (except the last morning).

Evening Activities

Responsibilities include implementing the evening activities program, including campfires, the talent show, twilight games, and dances, as designed by the Summer Camp Committee. This position is best suited for fun-loving, energetic individuals who can motivate campers, counselors, and staff to do silly things and to be comfortable getting up in front of a large group! These individuals must come to camp prepared with ideas and supplies/equipment to smoothly execute evening activities throughout the week.


Responsibilities include ensuring the orderly entrance and exit of campers from the Mess Hall at mealtimes. The hospitality staff will oversee KP duties and the cleanliness of the eating areas. The hospitality staff will work directly with the kitchen staff at meals and assist as needed which may include barbequing, serving meals, meal-prep as needed, etc. The ice cream social on the first evening as well as scheduled staff fellowship will be hosted by the hospitality staff. Hospitality will also be responsible for delivery of evening Num-Nums.

Office/Hye-Life Staff

Responsibilities include publishing a camp newsletter that is distributed daily. The position requires strong computer and typing skills, and good knowledge of graphic design. Samples of previous newsletters are available. Duties also include publishing the Hye-Life Keepsake Edition, which is a "yearbook" capturing the entire week's activities in articles and photos. The Keepsake Edition is distributed to campers upon check-out. The Hye-Life staff will assist the office staff with camper check-in, camper check-out and other duties as needed during the week. In addition to the Hye-Life, other responsibilities include managing all general office functions, including but not limited to answering the telephone, organizing and sorting mail and parcels, photocopying, and delivering messages to staff. This position is best suited for organized individuals with pleasant people skills and strong communication skills (Armenian not required), as well as clerical and computer skills.

Camp Photographer

Responsibilities include photographing camp activities throughout the week and posting photos on the camp website daily. Photos will also be used in Hye-Life publications and the Keepsake Edition. This individual will also assist with the publication of the Hye-Life Keepsake Edition. Position requires good photography and computer skills.  It is also expected that the photographer has great time management skills and is proactive in capturing the spirit of camp throughout the day, everyday. 

Night Watch

Responsibilities include maintaining the safety and welfare of campers during the night hours. This position will require you to be posted outside the camper cabins from 12:00am to 6:00am to ensure that campers are following "lights out" rules and to have a staff member available in case of emergencies. Sleep time will be provided during the day.