Staff Housing

Counselor Housing

As a counselor you will be assigned to one of twelve cabins on "Camper Hill." These cabins are furnished with bunk beds and sleep as many as 16 people. There is a bathhouse located in the center of Camper Hill, detached from the cabins, which you will share with campers and other counselors.

Program Staff Housing

As a member of the program staff you will be assigned to one of eight staff cabins or housing that is connected to the lodge. Of the eight staff cabins two sleep four people and six sleep four people. All have bunk beds and a bathroom. There is also a four-plex that has four separate rooms, each sleeps four people and has a bathroom. There are four rooms connected to the lodge and all share one bathroom.

The director for the week will assign housing for each counselor and staff member and you will be given that information upon arrival to camp. The Property page contains photos of staff housing.