Staff Application Information needed

Before you begin your online application as a counselor or program staff member, you will need to know the following information to complete the application. You may want to print this page.

Application Deadlines

  • Applications received by the Priority Deadline.
  • All other applications after the Priority Deadline will be considered conditional and you will be placed as needed
  • If you are unsure of your summer availability, we strongly encourage you to apply by the Priority Deadline.  It is better to apply early and request a change than applying later and possibly not getting placed.

Applicant Information

  • Name, Home address, Phone, Email, Gender, Birthday, SSN,  T-Shirt Size
  • Position sought (see staff positions) and reason for seeking position
  • Training session you will attend - check here for dates

Background Information

  • Occupation & Academic Information
  • Primary and Secondary Languages Spoken
  • Experience in Organizations and Leadership Roles
  • Prior years as a camper at our Armenian Summer Camp
  • Prior years as staff at our Armenian Summer Camp
  • Hobbies
  • Red Cross Certifications (with expiration dates)
  • 300-word description about yourself
  • Church attendance
  • 3 references
  • Emergency contact information
  • Criminal History (if any)
  • Primary and Secondary choice of which week of camp you can attend

Medical Information

  • Doctor's contact information (name, phone number)
  • Dentist's contact information (name, phone number)
  • Medical Insurance Information (company name, phone number, policy, group #)
  • Allergies

Transportation to Camp

  • You should know how you will be getting to camp (i.e. Bus from South, Central, or Northern California OR driving yourself)