Staff Code of Ethics

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Code of Ethics for Directing Staff, Program Staff, & Counseling Staff

I acknowledge...                                            

That I am volunteering to provide direct and/or indirect supervision of children and/or young adults attending the camp sessions. And in that position, I take responsibility for the health and well being of each camper assigned to my care, and will put their needs and interests first when making decisions. I understand that in an emergency situation it is my primary responsibility to secure the safety of each camper assigned to my care, and secondarily to assist in the security of other campers and staff. 

That I will refrain from participating in any activities that are contradictory to or violate any of the rules as set forth by the Armenian Church Summer Camp. In my position, I will uphold those rules to all campers. I have read and understand those rules.

That in my position I will be serving as a role model for the campers and that within my actions and words, I will strive to set a positive example of conduct at all times. 

That participation in or encouragement of any acts of vandalism will result in the reimbursement on my part of any costs incurred for the repair or replacement of any property owned by the Armenian Church Summer Camp. 

That I will abide by the following Child Abuse Guidelines for Staff Relationships with Children: 

At no time should children be left unsupervised (where they cannot be seen by the supervising adult). 

Staff behavior and disciplinary actions with children must avoid all abusive behavior as defined in the following Definition of Child Abuse: 

A physical injury which is inflicted by other than accidental means on a child by another person. Sexual abuse, including both sexual assault and sexual exploitation. Willful cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of a child, resulting in physical paid or mental suffering Corporal punishment or injury. 

Neglect, including both severe and general neglect. 

Possession of any of the following items is strictly forbidden: 

  • Alcohol, mind alerting substances or tobacco products or any smoking/ vaping device. 
  • Firearms or other weapons.
  • A replica firearm or any other weapon. 
  • Illegal drugs or controlled substances. 
  • Fireworks or other flammable materials. 

Fires are restricted to campfire which can only be started by designated staff, and only in the campfire area. 

All campers and staff are required to stay within camp areas at all times. Any departure from the camp facility requires permission from the Camp Director. 

That my person and/or property may be subject to search upon requested by a staff member, should the need arise for the safety and protection of those attending camp. 

That I will obey all laws of the State of California. 


In accepting the position of Directing, Program or Counseling, Staff or Volunteer with the Western Diocese Armenian Church Summer Camp Program, I further agree that failure to abide by any of the above items may result in my dismissal from the position, expulsion from camp and denial of a return to the Western Diocese Armenian Church Summer Camp Program for any specified period of time. I have read, understand and agree to abide by all the above rules.