Staff Application


Please read this entire page if you are applying as a Counselor, Program Staff, Clergy/Deacon or Guest, Nurse or Lifeguard. Applications are at the bottom of the page.

All staff represent the Armenian Church and the goals of the Western Diocese. All staff personnel will assist wherever assigned, as needed for the best interest of the Hye Camp, and are encouraged to have a current C.P.R. and/or First Aid Certification. All staff must be 18 years old. Applications will be reviewed and final decision for acceptance is based on approval of the Summer Camp Committee. Submission of an application does not guarantee a position on the staff team.

All counselors and program staff members must be 18 years old prior to the week you are planning to attend. We are accepting applications for 17 year-old applicants for the Counselor-In-Training (CIT) positions only. If you are 17 years old at the time of application: Your application must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian.

Prior to applying, please be sure to review the links to the top left, primarily the Staff Positions and Staff Rules pages.

If you are unsure of your summer availability, we strongly encourage you to apply by the Priority Deadline. It is better to apply early and request a change than applying later and possibly not getting placed at Camp.

Step 1: Gather information needed for your application.

Step 2: Apply online (will take approximately 20 minutes); application link below.

Login Required

  • Everyone must create a login unless you attended Camp in 2016 or before. If you previously attended Hye Camp, but have not attended since 2016, you must create a new login.

  • If you have used to register for sports teams, classes, etc., it will recognize your email and will have saved some of your information.

Application Tips

  • You must complete the registration(s) form in 1 hour or you will be logged out and lose all your entries.

  • Answer all the questions that are marked with a red asterisk (*) or you will be prevented from moving on to the next section or completing the registration. Type N/A or NONE if the question does not apply to applicant.

Step 3: Submit your payment online (credit card or electronic check).

Step 4: Receive email confirmation that we have received your application.

Step 5: Receive email notification of acceptance into a specific week of camp (sometime in May).

Step 6: Complete online staff training and attend mandatory training session.

Note: All staff must attend one of of the two mandatory training sessions in order to participate in the camp program. Click the link to see the dates for the two mandatory training sessions.

These applications will be considered conditional and you will be placed as needed. In order to increase your chances of placement, we encourage you to include all weeks/positions you are available.

Applications received by the Priority Deadline will receive priority placement. All staff applications submitted prior to the deadline are reviewed as if they all were received the same time and applicants are ultimately placed where they are needed (taking into consideration their preferences as much as possible). Staff is not placed on a first come first serve basis the same way the campers are.

Photo Feature

There is an option to upload a picture of yourself. We highly recommend you add a photo to the application. This will help us identify you when you arrive at camp.

To begin your application process click "Apply For a Counselor or Program Staff Position" below.

Clergy/Deacons and Guests

Clergy, Deacons, and Special Guests who have been approved to visit Hye Camp should use the following link to register for this year's summer camp program.  Please note: even if you are only attending Camp for a day or two, you still need to fill out this application.

Nurses and Lifeguards

This link is only for nurses and lifeguards who have been contacted by the Camp Committee and asked to fill out an additional application.  If you are a certified Nurse/Lifeguard but have not been contacted by the Camp Committee, please read the job description linked below, and contact the Camp Committee at prior to applying.

Nurse Job Description

Lifeguard Job Description