Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North American Hye Camp Rules


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The following rules are applicable to all individuals who participate in the Hye Camp program. Campers will follow staff’s example! 

General Rules:

  • Cars are to remain in the designated parking lots.  Only camp-owned, delivery and or emergency vehicles may be driven within the camp premises. 
  • Closed-toe shoes are required at all times. There are many rocks, bees, roots, and holes around the camp that can cause injury to unprotected feet. Sandals are for the swimming area only.
  • Quiet time in camp is observed between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.  Be considerate of those trying to sleep.  No visiting will be allowed after lights out. 
  • All Counselors and Staff shall attend all scheduled classes, church services, and meals unless excused by the Camp Director. 
  • The kitchen prep areas, cleaning areas, cooking areas, serving areas, storage areas, and refrigerators are off limits except to paid camp staff or designated volunteers. 
  • AT ALL TIMES: Boys’ cabins are off limits to girls, and girls’ cabins are off limits to boys. 
  • Cabin raids are strictly prohibited and may result in discipline or expulsion from camp.
  • For personal safety, walking is restricted to designated paths and trails only.  Poison oak and rattlesnakes are located on the camp property and any sightings should be reported immediately to the Directing Staff.  Picking of wild flowers is prohibited. 
  • Bears and wildlife are located around and on the camp property. Do not approach or attempt to touch or feed any wildlife. Please report all sightings of wildlife to the Directing Staff immediately. 
  • Cabins and all surrounding areas must be kept clean and free of debris. Do not discard food or food containers in any receptacles except at the main lodge. Wildlife is attracted to garbage and this will assist in keeping wildlife away from the camp grounds. 
  • The Camp medical staff must dispense all prescribed or necessary medication to a camper. 
  • All broken or damaged items and/or equipment should be reported immediately to the Directing Staff. 
  • Sports equipment shall be checked out through and returned to the camp office. 
  • When leaving camp, cabins/general camp area shall be left in the same clean condition it was upon arrival. 
  • No visitors will be allowed while camp is in session without the prior permission of the Camp Director. 
  • Cell phones shall remain off once you arrive at Camp and may not be turned on until your departure, unless permitted by the Camp Director for an emergency. This will strictly be enforced and failure to follow this rule may result in the Director retaining your phone until the end of camp.
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WATERfront rules:

  • No one is allowed in or on the lakes unless the camp lifeguard is present.
  • Swimming is permitted only at scheduled times in the designated swimming area.  Non-swimmers may only go into the water at waist deep level. 
  • Canoeing is only allowed in the designated canoeing areas. 
  • Everyone is required to wear a life jacket while in a canoe.  Standing, splashing or horseplay is prohibited while in the canoe.