Camper Schedule

Here is a sample of average daily activities at camp


07:30 - Wake-Up
Campers are woken up to fun music to get the day started on the right foot! Some campers rise earlier to start their day fishing!

08:00 - Chapel
Overlooking a serene lake, campers and staff congregate under the picturesque Arbor for morning services. The perfect way to start the day with prayer, hymns, Bible readings and an inspiring message from the Clergy. 

08:30 - Breakfast
After receiving spiritual nourishment, campers race to the Mess Hall for a dose of physical nourishment. Well-balanced breakfasts consist of pancakes, French toast, eggs, cereal, fruit, and more! 

09:30 - Free Time
This time is also referred to as "cabin clean-up." Cabins with the support of their counselors clean and decorate their cabins for the daily inspection/contest. 

10:00 - Classes
Each day campers attend three classes at different locations on the campgrounds. Classes are taught by the Clergy and the teaching staff. The curriculum consists of topics regarding Armenian History, Armenian Church, Armenian Language & Music, Armenian Cooking, Armenian Dancing, Christian Development and more.


    12:30 - Lunch
    It's time to fuel up again! Campers have the choice of a cool, crisp build-your-own salad from the salad bar and entrees such as tacos, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, lahmajune (Armenian pizza), and lots more! Results from the cabin clean up are announced at lunchtime.  

    01:30 - Sports Activities | Arts & Crafts | Lakeside Activities 
    What's your game…softball, basketball, archery, volleyball, soccer or ping-pong? Each day campers participate in three afternoon activity sessions. If it's not sports, campers have splashes of fun at the lakeside - canoeing, swimming, or sunning (All lakeside activities are supervised by a certified lifeguard). If campers are searching for an outlet for their creativity then they march up to the hill to arts & crafts. At arts & crafts there is an array of activities ranging from beads, lanyards, painting, crafts, and more! 

    04:30 - Free Time
    Just what it means. Campers can take a nap, write to a friend, shower or just "hang out." Campers stay on Cabin Hill during this time and are always under the supervision of a staff member.


      06:00 - Dinner
      It's time to fuel up with the third meal of the day! Campers have the options of a cool, crisp build-your-own salad from the salad bar and entrees such as Armenian bureg, kebob, baked chicken, hamburgers, lasagna, lahmajune (Armenian pizza), and lots more! 

      07:30 - Evening Activities
      Evening Activities is one of the most anticipated events of the campers' day. Whether it's Campfire, the night hike, dance, ice cream social, movie night or talent show, Evening Activities is a place for the campers to participate with all of their friends and showcase their individual talents. 

      09:00 - Num Nums
      We never want campers to go to bed hungry. Num Nums is a time for campers to get an evening snack that typically consists of a piece of delicious Central Valley fruit and a home baked piece of choreg.

      10:00 - Lights Out
      Time for bed. Campers have a lot of physical activity during the day and getting their sleep is very important for them to wake up refreshed and ready for a new day of Camp. Lights out is a great time for the cabin to have a little peace and quiet to reflect on the day and further bond with their cabin-mates and counselors.