Camper FAQs

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Application Questions

When will applications be available?

March 15

How are campers selected?

Campers are selected on a first come first served basis. Therefore, the sooner you apply the higher the liklihood you will be placed in your preferred week.

Does it help my chance of getting into camp from the waitlist if I send several emails?

No. We will make note of your application, and when a spot becomes available you will be notified.

Can I apply directly to my parish priest, one of the camp directors or staff members?

No. All applications MUST be completed online through the Hye Camp website.

I applied online, but I need to change parts of the aplication. What do I do?

Log into your account, and make the necessary changes. If you have trouble, please send an email to

General Questions

How many campers are accepted per week?

Approximately 130.

How much does camp cost for a camper?

Camper Registration Fees can be found on the Camper Overview page.

How soon can my child attend camp?

Campers must be 8 years old at the time of their week of camp.

Can I get financial assistance?

Many parishes of the Western Diocese provide scholarships to camp. The Paparigian Foundation offers two scholarships per parish to Sunday School students, one based on need and one based on merit. Check with your Sunday School superintendent to find out more information and details about these programs. Please be aware that if you are granted a scholarship, you are still required to submit full payment at the time of application. It is your responsibility to get reimbursed by whomever is granting the scholarship.

How do I find my local parish?

Visit the Western Diocese website to find your local parish.

What is the temperature at Hye Camp?

The average temperature is 85 degrees during the day and 50 degrees in the evenings. Campers should bring light summer clothing, as well as at least one sweatshirt/light jacket for the early mornings and colder nights. All campers must bring at least one pair of closed-toed shoes. Please see our what to pack list.

What is the altitude at the Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian Camp?

The altitude is approximately 4,400 feet.

What if my child requires medication?

If your child is taking any medicine, please instruct him/her to give it to the medical staff upon arrival at camp. All medications must be in the original packaging showing detailed information on the times and methods that the medicine should be administered as well as the prescribing doctor's name and telephone number. The nurse will make sure your camper takes his/her medicine as directed. All medication must be turned in to the Nurse upon arrival at Camp and will be returned on the last day. Campers are not allowed to keep medication on them.

May I write to my child while they are at camp?

Yes! Campers love receiving letters from their family and friends. Please mail early to allow for 2-3 day delivery. The address is: Armenian Church Camp - Western Diocese Camper Name - Week # 45000 East Kings Canyon Road Dunlap, CA 93621

Can I visit my child at camp?

Once the camp session begins on Sunday afternoon, parents are asked to leave to allow orientation and adjustment with counseling staff. Visiting the camp during the session is not permitted unless permission to do so has been secured in advance with the written approval of the Camp Committee.

How is the camp food?

Campers are treated to great food! The camp cuisine is wide in variety, varying from delicious Armenian dishes to camp favorites like macaroni and cheese, tacos and hamburgers prepared by our professional cooking staff. A make your own salad bar is available for every lunch and dinner meal.

Should my child bring money to camp?

Everything is paid for. There is nothing to spend it on, so you don’t need to send it.

Should my child bring a cell phone, iPod, or hand-held games?

No. Part of the mission statement of our camp is to allow campers to enjoy the outdoors. For one week, campers are invited to leave the city and not bring it up to camp. The odds of these electronic devices getting damanged, broken or lost is very high. Therefore, we ask that no cell phones, iPods, mp3 players, hand-held gaming, or radios be brought up to camp.

For additional questions please e-email the Camp Committee at