Who's Got Talent?

Greetings to everyone here from Hye Camp! 

We know you're all anxiously awaiting to hear about our day, and wishing you could be here yourselves, because we're having so much fun! 

We started the day off with a morning devotional, where each cabin selected a meaningful, quiet place around camp to reflect on their thoughts, and have some special time together as a cabin. Next up was a five star breakfast where campers had french toast, topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream with sausages on the side. It was a camper favorite by far! Campers headed up the hill to clean up their cabins in hopes of winning the prize of frozen yogurt, which we hope remains a new camp tradition, as everyone loves it!

They went to classes today to learn how to Armenian Dance (and let us just say, we've got some serious talent here on the property), as well as to classes on the Armenian Church and a bible study. They also got a lesson in historical Armenian music, and got to sing different hymns from visiting priest Der Arshag, who accompanied our campers on his violin. After the singing, they got to play a camp favorite, Moog Moog Vazeh Moog! 

We were treated to burritos for lunch, and then headed down to play different games, take canoe and paddle boat rides, shoot balloons at archery, and make some scarves at arts and crafts amongst other activities. Campers headed up the hill in the afternoon to clean off, and to start preparing for the evening's talent show. After chapel, they came up to the mess hall, but instead of having dinner right away, we decided to try something new, and had a little mezze out on the deck. Everyone loved it! 

The talent show this evening is sure to be amazing. We can't wait to watch our campers and staff dance, sing, perform improv skits, and even jumprope! We'll be sure to take some pictures to follow up, and just as a note, all pictures from this week (and there are hundreds) will be posted to the website after our week is over. We know it's something you're all looking forward to.