Week 4- Friday!

The campers all had so much fun at the "Armenian Pride" dance on Wednesday Night! They have also been very busy participating in fun activities. On Wednesday, we played a game of capture the counselor, where all of the campers searched for their cabin's clues with their cabins' big bro's and big sis's. The kids all had so much fun following the clues that led them to their counselors.

Yesterday, each cabin started their day with a cabin devotional before they headed to breakfast. During the Thursday morning classes, campers went to classes such as, Armenian music, Armenian dance, Bible study, and "our Armenian Church". The afternoon was filled with fun activities like lakeside, field sports, basketball, volleyball and arts and crafts. Our talent show last night went very well! Many of the campers participated and showed off their amazing talents! 

This morning we started our day with a Badarak Church service and took communion. Right now the campers are all having such a great time during our sports tournament. We had so many campers this week that signed up to be in a tournament, and tonight, the tournament winners will be announced at our super campfire! Today is the last full day of camp and even though the campers are looking forward to going home to see their families, they are sad that camp is almost over. 

All of the campers, counselors and staff are having such a great time and we are all already looking forward to coming back to camp next year!