Week 3 - Sunday (Welcome to Hye Camp!)

Week 3 has officially begun!  All the buses got here safely, as did everyone else.  Counselors have decorated and personalized the cabins and everyone is enjoying getting to know each other and bonding.  Around 4:00 the entire camp came down the hill for a mandatory fire drill.  At the drill, each cabin also got to introduce themselves with an enthusiastic cheer.  Before chapel, all the program staff informed the campers and counselors what will be expected of them and all the fun activities they have to look forward to.  Tonight after a delicious dinner, the camp held an ice cream social, which was the perfect opportunity for everyone to socialize even more.  We ended our first night at Hye Camp with a campfire full of cabin skits, sing-a-longs, and winding down with a beautiful song.  Looking forward to day two!!