Week 3 - Day 3

Day three went by in a flash. From archery to lakeside activities, campers and staff alike had a blast. This is just the beginning of a fun packed week and there is so much more to come! 

Vatche bucks have been a huge draw for the campers to get the newly added ultimate prize - a frozen yogurt ticket. Thier cabins have been spotless!!!!!

The weather is still beautiful up here at camp.  It has not been too hot, and we can even feel a breeze every so often.  It does get cool at night, at which time the sweatshirts and long pants come out.

Chapel began at 7:30 after a wonderfully musical wake-up call at 7:00 a.m.  Again, Der Sarkis has been lucky to have the assistance of Dn. Alex and Raffi during chapel.  Der Sarkis’ message was great, as always.  He spoke about what a Christian looks like “on the inside.”  It doesn’t really matter if they attend church and make the sign of the cross, etc. if their inside, their true being, their actions and behavior, aren’t Christian.

Breakfast was great.  We had the usual cereal bar and fresh fruit with delicious pancakes and sausage.  After breakfast, we had the usual classes  of Armenian dance, Armenian History, Bible Study and music.

After morning classes, there is always a few minutes of free time for visiting with friends, challenging friends to chess, tavloo, playing tether ball or ping-pong before lunch.  Our hospitality committee has worked very hard on all our meals helping with the cooks, making sure the kids are fed and happy.  Lunch today was deli sandwiches with potato salad, salad bar and veggies.  During lunch, cleanest cabin was announced and today’s winners were Cabin 4 for the boys and Cabin 9 for the girls.

The afternoon activities consisted of canoeing by the lake, archery, volleyball, basketball, arts & crafts, and soccer.

At chapel tonight we had blessing of the grapes, which was followed by a delicious tri-tip dinner including pilaf, carrots, salad bar, fresh fruit and cookies. 

After dinner we took a hike to the top of one of the mountains to watch the sunset.  While we were there, Der Sarkis gave a very inspirational discussion about the prodigal son.  He said that this story wasn’t really about a son spending his inheritance and the father welcoming him back.  The father in the story is God, and the son is all of us.  No matter what we do – what foolish things we do – God will always accept us and want us back if we ever stray from him. 

Once we got back to camp, num-nums were served.  Following that, the campers had a star gazing session. 

When it was time for bed, tonight is one of the nights for the counselors to have fellowship, so the big brothers and big sisters joined their cabins. 

Tomorrow is going to be a fun day.  Not only will it be Capture the Counselor, but it’s also the big dance – Armenian Pride. 

This culturally centered environment has drawn together everyone here in faith and fellowship: God bless and keep checking the blog for more updates. Stay tuned tomorrow for pics and info!!