Week 2 is closed to campers. Hurry and sign-up for Camp 2010 while there is still time!

Week 2 is sold out for campers! Each week of Camp has a limited capacity and every year one or two weeks fill up before the others. This is why we encourage campers to apply as soon as possible to secure a spot in their first week of choice. If you were hoping to attend Week 2 with cousins or friends that have already been accepted into Week 2, we can accommodate you by having all campers move into another open week of Camp. Otherwise, we do have a waitlist available for Week 2 that will be open for a very limited period of time and there is no guarantee any spots will become available. 

Waitlist procedure: Invariably we have a handful of campers who's summer plans change between when they sign up for Camp and Camp itself. When these campers drop out, or switch weeks of Camp, it may open up a spot for a camper on the waitlist for that particular week. The odds of getting placed into your first week of choice from the waitlist are infinitesimally small compared to your guaranteed placement when signing up for a different week that is still open. However, if you would like to place your child on the waitlist, the process is identical to our regular registration except you will not be able to submit payment. If a spot becomes available, we will notify you (in the order you were placed on the waitlist) and make arrangements for payment.

Remember campers, placement is first come first serve, however your application is not finalized until your payment is received. Your best opportunity to have your application accepted at the time of submission is to pay by eCheck or credit card.

With that said, the Summer Camp Committee is happy to report that the directors for the 2010 Summer Camp Program have been finalized and we are proud to announce this year's directors are:

Week 1: Silva Zeneian
Week 2: Johnny Yaldezian
Week 3: Regina Pryor
Week 4: Jeff Stepanian

We thank all of our directors for their service to the Summer Camp Program and we can't wait for Summer Camp 2010 to begin, so if you have an interest in volunteering for Summer Camp 2010, please apply now! If you have any little brothers, sisters, children, cousins, niece's, or friends interested in attending Camp as campers remind them to sign-up ASAP!

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