Week 1 - Daily Hye Life - Wednesday

Hello camper families and friends! 

It is hard to believe that week one is half over.  It has been such an exciting and fun filled week so far.  Today, our campers started the day off with chapel before heading up to breakfast.  Morning classes in Armenian music, our Armenian Church, Armenian traditions and customs preceded a hearty lunch.  Afternoon activities followed a rest period and included swimming at the lake, canoeing, archery, volleyball, baseball, soccer and arts and crafts. 

At the conclusion of another rest break, campers attended chapel where Der Sarkis discussed a fundamental tenet of Christianity – the importance of forgiving others as God forgives us.  He reminded us that as we go to God seeking forgiveness for our sins, so God expects us to forgive others and let go of our anger and resentment. 

Throughout this week our campers have been thinking of the upcoming “Blast from the Past” dance.  After dinner, everyone retired to their cabins to get dressed and ready for the dance.  As each group of campers appeared at the Arbor, an amazing plethora of costumes representing various eras appeared.  Some of our girls were dressed for a sock hop in their poodle skirts and others represented the peace and love of the 60’s.  The disco era was represented with some groovy costumes and we saw that the 80’s were a popular era amongst our campers and staff, with many memorializing the fashions of Madonna and Flash dance.  We even had a few costumes representing the 90’s, and had our own Beastie Boy look alike taking the floor.  It was a great time and in between dancing under the lights, campers were able to take a break and do some arts and crafts.

To the next 50!