Week 1 - Daily Hye Life - Thursday

Hello Camper Families and Friends! 

We had a great day today filled with classes, activities, and a talent show.  Our day started with each cabin having its own morning devotional surrounded by the peace and beauty of the great outdoors.  After a breakfast featuring French toast and sausage, our campers proceeded to their morning classes in Armenian dance, Armenian music, our Armenian Church, and Bible study.  After a hearty lunch followed by a rest break, our campers headed to the lake, field, sports areas and arts and crafts pavilion for an afternoon filled with swimming, canoeing, archery, volleyball, basketball, soccer and arts and crafts. 

After taking some time to rest, campers gathered together for chapel where Der Sarkis discussed the importance of not judging or condemning others.  He explained that those who judge will be judged, and those who condemn will be condemned.  We can redeem ourselves by offering others forgiveness, for in doing so we will be forgiven by God. 

All week, campers have been listing their names on the sign-up sheet for our talent show.  After dinner, campers headed down from Camper Hill to the Lion’s Den and gathered around in anticipation for the evening performances.  The show kicked off with various acts including guitar playing, piano performances, a jump rope routine, an escape artist routine, and a stand-up comedy act.  We incorporated a short campfire with the talent show and included cabin skits and our favorite campfire songs.  The evening concluded with the campers heading back up to their cabins for a night of much needed rest after an eventful day.

To the next 50!