Week 1 - Daily Hye Life - Friday

Hello Camper Families and Friends! 

We can’t believe how fast the week has gone by and how many new friends have been made at Hye Camp.

Today we kicked off the day with Badarak followed by breakfast.  It was a beautiful morning and we were lucky to have a cool breeze flowing through the forest.  After morning sessions including the Quiz Bowl, a class on Philanthropy, and the Hye Cake Wars, campers broker for lunch followed by a rest period.

The afternoon was filled with a lot of activities and all hands were on deck as our campers lined up to compete in tournaments for archery, tavloo, basketball, and ping pong.  Non-competing campers participated in sports and arts and crafts.

Our last evening chapel of Week 1 was followed by dinner and another dance.  This evening, we held an Armenian dance where our campers were able to show off the dancing skills they have been learning this past week.  After our dance, the campers headed over to the Lion’s Den for the Super Campfire where campers and staff performed numerous skits and musical numbers, drew the audience in a number of sing alongs and classic Hye Camp chants.  The evening wrapped up with the campers heading back up to camper hill to get some much needed sleep.

It has been a fun filled, exciting and meaningful week with our campers.  As we prepare to send our campers home, we note that they have increased their knowledge of our religion, culture and heritage.   Our campers have made new and meaningful friendships and further cemented friendships that were begun in prior years.  We have been honored to share Hye Camp with your campers this past week and look forward to seeing you next year!

To the next 50!