Wedensday - Week 2 - Dance the Night Away!

Laghmajoun rocks and so do our campers and counselors who painstakingly made each mezza size delicious piece during our Armenian Cooking classes!

Our first year ever Dunlapian Games went off to an amazing start and tested the skills of our campers on every level!  They of course beat every challenge and made us all proud with their diligence, determination and athletic skills!  Yay Dunlapian Champions of Hye Camp!

May the Forest be with you Dance brought out the inner power of all the campers, counselors and not to mention energetic staff!  From creative and fun costumes to electrifying dance moves down to the international tunes played by our awesome AMS music DeeJay, the whole event was super, super, super!  Our intrepid photographer Sona (Sona is AWESOME!) saw photo opportunities at every turn, as you also will at the end of the week when we download all the photos on our webiste!  For now, enjoy this sample!