Tuesday - Week 2

Karoun, Karoun Karoun e….Armenian Dance classes right after breakfast (pancakes YUMMY) and fishing before breakfast. Campers ha a fun night hike after dinner (Pilaf, Tri-tip, DELICIOUS) and all kinds of fun in between!

The weather is glorious, as if we ordered it ourselves!  The campers are in high spirit, making new friends and cementing old ties.  How lucky we (staff, counselors) are to witness the burgeoning of such minds and spirits.  Today Father Hovel reminded the campers that the growth of a spirit is infinite and is not hampered by a limited physical size!

Our evening hike was no other, and simply for the fact that a sweet camper serenated us with exquisite violin playing right on top of the hill! How lucky are we!

We ended the day and night with a very blissful star gazing evening, huddled together on our basketball court, sweet dreams to us all!