Tuesday at Camp

Our day began with fishing at the lake,
About 40 campers woke up early to see who could cast the best bait,
A few fish were caught and promptly returned to their friends,
The campers watched the lake in awe not knowing where it ends.

Next up were classes including bible study and dance,
Not to forget Traditions & Customs and music classes where campers were encouraged to take a chance,
The afternoon sun smiled down on us while we swam, did crafts and enjoyed the outdoors
Then washed up for dinner that was so yummy we all wanted more.

As the sun began to set, we packed up our water bottles and flashlights,
And set off on a fun hike that is always best at night,
It would be easy to think “How could this day get any more amazing?”
But it could, and it did, when we all went stargazing!