The second day of Hye Camp

The second day of Hye Camp started off nice and sweet! Der Sarkis explained today's sermon with the help of an ice cream sundae. Der Sarkis said it's important to eat the ice cream sundae that was made for you, just as it is important to appreciate what Jesus has done for us by being kind and courteous to others at camp. The campers enjoyed today's chapel, excited to start the day. 



The camp and staff ate a delicious breakfast of sausage, pancakes, and cantaloupe, fueling everyone so that they can be fully awake and attentive for the classes. Breakfast was followed by very cultural and educational morning classes. Campers engaged in bible study class and learned more about Armenian history, music, and dance. Similar to yesterday, many campers received "Vatche Bucks" from their impressive participation.


For lunch today, campers made their own deli sandwiches, creating special masterpieces. Cabins 10 and 4 won cabin clean up and the jenDEAN awards. They are very excited for their frozen yogurt prize!

After lunch, campers prepared for their afternoon activities at volleyball, the field, the lake, and archery. 

Now, Anthony Saroyan, Avo Avetyan, Shahnour Hovsepian, and Hovnan Avetyan are barbecuing tri tip for dinner. We can't wait!


Afterwards, the entire camp will go on the traditional night hike, taking in the beautiful view and appreciating Hye Camp. Next, campers and staff will end the long and wonderful day with a relaxing night of stargazing on the basketball courts.