The Day of the Dance

Hello Everyone!

What a day of camp we had in front of us here. To give you all a little insight, here's what we had for yesterday's schedule. We started off the morning with a wonderful sermon by Der Datev on the salt of the earth and how to be good Christians, not only amongst family and friends, but in the community. We had delicious breakfast burritos to start off the day, and then the campers headed off to clean their cabins in hopes of getting a chance to have some delicious soft serve. 

Then the campers headed off for some cultural classes to learn about Armenian music, traditions and customs, and even got some practice on valuable lessons during our hands on Armenian cooking class. We also had a visit from a local park ranger to teach our campers about the surrounding wildlife. 

After lunch, the campers headed up the hill to get ready for the big Capture the Counselor event. Their counselors went and hid their final clues, and then everyone went down to the flagpole to receive their first clue with their Big Brothers and Big Sisters. And then we were off! Campers went from the mess hall to the basketball court to the lakeside, the office and back several times, scouring the camp for clues about where their counselors might be hiding. After much running, chasing and herding, all the counselors were caught, and taken down by the lake to get a pie in the face from their campers, which the campers all throughly enjoyed. 

Everyone headed up the hill to clean off and rest up for the big "Armenian Pride" dance. The campers headed down the hill for the evening chapel service. We all got to enjoy the boreg made from the cooking class for dinner, as well as the lahmajoon and Armenian salad. And then it was time to get ready for the dance! Camper Hill was a buzz as campers were putting on their costumes, doing their hair and getting on their best dancing shoes. 

There were special appearances by David of Sassoun, Ararat and Massis and even a sarma! Everyone had a blast dancing to hits of today, days of yester year and some traditional Armenian music as well. Needless to say, after much running and around and dancing, everyone slept wonderfully!