Our First Full Day

Hello Everyone!

Well, we've had a wonderful first full day of camp, and everyone is resting up for tomorrow. 

Some of our campers started off the day at 6AM at the lake, where the campers successfully caught fish. Following the fishing, campers and staff made their way to chapel, where Der Sarkis discussed the importance of having faith and asking for help before it is too late. As soon as chapel finished, everyone made their way to the Mess Hall following the scent of scrambled eggs and bacon. 

Campers headed back up the hill to get ready and clean their cabins for cabin clean up. Deans Micah and Aleen Jendian had a very hard decision to determine who would win the jenDEAN award, but ultimately cabins 4 and 8 won. They were spotless, which we are sure as parents you would all be proud. Hopefully, they continue this clean streak once they return home! The winners will be treated to frozen yogurt tomorrow.

Throughout the morning, campers and counselors attended classes on the subjects of Armenian history, our Armenian church, Bible study, and ice breaker activities to get to know one another. The campers were very enthustiastic in class and were given "Vatche Bucks" for their participation. The morning classes concluded with pizza and popsicles.

During the afternoon session, we saw fierce competition on the basketball and volleyball courts, as well as the soccer field. Some even showed off their cart wheel abilities and others demonstrated archery skills, practicing for the sports tournament to be held later this week. Meanwhile, campers and counselors were in Arts in Crafts creating jewelery and scarves for the dance. 

Right before dinner, Srpazan arrived at camp just in time for the evening service, dinner, and the group photo. Speaking of photos, here are pictures of all of the campers with their respective cabins. Enjoy! 




The evening wrapped up with num nums in the arbor and campfire. Now, campers are all in bed and counselors are preparing for their fellowships tonight. Each cabin was assigned a "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" to spend time with the campers.