LOGIN - Since our database is new, everyone will need to create a new login even if you are a previous camper or staff.  However, if you have used Active.com to register for other classes, sports teams, etc., it will recognize your email and will have saved some of your information. 

Here are a few tips to make registration easier:   

Participants may only attend one week of camp

Have Medical Insurance Card, Immunization Card and Emergency Contacts nearby 

Answer all the questions that are marked with a red asterisk (*) or you will be prevented from moving on to the next section or completing the registration.  Type N/A or NONE if the question does not apply to applicant

If you leave the page inactive for 20 minutes, you will be logged out and your information will be lost.  You must complete the registration(s) form in 1 hour or you will be logged out and lose all your entries (but it should not take that long)

If registering multiple children from the same family, please note:

On the first page of the application, you should “add” the number of children you are registering to the “cart” per each week of camp.  You can do this by clicking “add” or by using the dropdown box next to “quantity”.  For example, your cart should show a quantity of 3 if you are registering 3 campers.  You will then enter each child's name, birthday and the grade they will be entering this coming fall before moving on to each application

Look for the “use first registrant’s info” when beginning the second application and click it to automatically fill questions that will be the same for each child       

New payment options    

 Pay in full  or

Pay in 3 installments if you register early. One third will be due upon registration then your credit card will automatically be charged one third on March 31st and the balance will be charged on April 30th.   Please note: If this option is chosen, your child’s application will be pending until payment is made in full.  You will have until April 30th to pay in full or your child will be removed from the week they are registered in and they will be placed on the waiting list

New Feature 

There is an option to upload a picture of the participant.  We STRONGLY encourage that you add a photo to the application.  This will help us identify staff and campers when they arrive at camp.

Summer Camp acceptance is on a first-come first-serve basis.  All applications will be reviewed and final decision for acceptance is based upon approval by the Summer Camp Committee. All information provided on this application is subject to verification. If it is determined that false information is provided, you may be disqualified from participating in the camp program. The Summer Camp Committee reserves the right to accept, reject, or reconsider any applicant. 

No camper or staff will be denied Summer Camp admission because of race, color or national origin.

If you do not receive a registration confirmation email for each camper when you are done with your application (including payment), please contact