Hye Camp - Week 3

Week 3 - Day 2:  The weather here at camp has been great.  Not too hot, and a wonderful breeze. 

At 6:00 a.m. some campers started out their day fishing by the lake.  Nearly 20 campers turned up to fish and had a fantastic time.

Chapel began at 7:30 a.m. lead by Der Sarkis Petoyan with the assistance of Raffi Postaljian and Dn. Alex Calikyan.  Dn. Alex is here visiting from the East Coast and will begin seminary at St. Nercess in a few weeks.  We hope to see Dn. Alex again in a few years after he’s completed seminary.  Der Sarkis’ message was so inspiring, even a deer stopped by to hear his message.

Following chapel, everyone was served a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, tater tots, toast, bacon, cereal, fresh fruit and the list goes on.

The morning classes began shortly after breakfast.   The class sessions included Our Armenian Church, Armenian History, Ice Breakers and Bible Study.  Not only are these classes a wonderful opportunity to learn and share about our culture, but it’s also the perfect time to make new friends. 

Lunch was served a bit after noon.  Pizza, veggies and salad bar was enjoyed by even the pickiest of eaters.  Plus, the ice cream sandwich that followed for dessert, wasn’t bad either.  During lunch, our Boy’s and Girl’s Deans announced the winners of cleanest cabin, which went to Cabin 1 for the boys and Cabin 8 for the girls. 

All the campers look forward to afternoon activities.  Today’s activities consisted of canoeing by the lake, archery, volleyball, basketball, arts & crafts, and soccer.

Following afternoon activities, everyone cleaned up and attended chapel.  We were all then served a yummy chicken parmesan dinner including breadsticks, veggies, salad and cookies for dessert.   Our “official” camp picture was taken after dinner. 

The second day of  camp came to a close with campfire activities, which was after num-nums.  Thank you to the ladies at St. Peter Church in Van Nuys for making such delicious choreg for all of us to enjoy.

Stay tuned for more information to follow tomorrow!!

Hello Camp Hye Sierra enthusiasts!!  The first day of camp went off without a hitch.  All campers were checked in, and camp is off to a great start.  Many campers are pro’s at camp, while others are enjoying their “first camp experience.”  Either way, by the time we were ready for dinner, EVERY camper was chanting cheers and already making new, lifelong friends.  There were no faces without massive smiles and tons of energy and enthusiasm. 

The weather has been great, and we are looking forward to a fun filled week of learning, games, sports, arts & crafts, nature hikes, and especially fellowship. 

Our theme for this year is “We Remember,” which of course, is to remember the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.  We will be posting a daily blog with pictures and highlights of the day’s events, so keep checking back everyday to see what we’re doing!!

As campers checked in and found their cabin assignments, they were then checked in by Nurse Christine, and proceeded to Camper Hill to get situated with their cabins, counselors and cabin-mates.  Counselors had their cabins decorated with fun and unique themes, which at orientation, everyone was pumped and showed their cabin pride with their cabin cheer!

We had a fire drill, followed by orientation, followed by chapel.  After chapel, everyone headed toward the mess hall and had a few minutes of free time playing Ping-Pong, tavloo, tetherball, etc. before dinner.  We were then served a delicious hamburger dinner, and later the campers and staff enjoyed an ice cream social on the deck.

Being that California is in a drought, campfire consists of a simulated campfire, but it still includes all the fun and excitement.  The cabins all took turns doing their cheers and a few skits as well as songs. 

Der Sarkis gave a small inspirational before the younger campers were excused to clean up and get ready for lights out.

Stay tuned for more information from here in Dunlap – Camp Hye Sierra!!

(Not all cabins are shown below due to technical errors, but will be up shortly!)