Hye camp week 3 - Monday Hye Life Blog


Our second day of camp went great! We started off our day with our morning chapel service and then headed off to breakfast  delicous eggs and bacon. The campers then went off to their classes which included a nature walk, Armenian History, and Ice breakers with lots of fun games!  


After lunch we rested and prepared for our afternoon activities including canoeing, peddleboats, variety of sports, and arts and crafts!

Archbishop Hovnan Derderian led us in chapel service at our beautiful arbor by the lake.  Where else are you closer to God than is His glorious natural setting!!!!     We ate a filling dinner of chicken, scalloped potatoes, veggies and salad.  We were all full and happy when we had our camp picture taken!


After our photo shoot with Srpazan,  we headed  to the Arbor for some Num-Nums followed by talent filled Campfire!  Then off to bed for a good night sleep to start a new day.