Hye Camp Week 2 Day 5 – Thursday’s Daily Hye Life Blog

We’re past the halfway point for Camp, time is flying by!

Today was the last day for fishing at 6:00 AM. When fishing ended at 7:00 AM, the fish were seen to be jumping for joy knowing that they had a three day holiday from those Armenian catch and releasers!


Der Mesrop Ash again led the morning chapel service followed by a breakfast of French Toast, sausage, and fruit.

Our classes today included Armenian Dance, Music, Bible Study, and the Church Calendar.  Meanwhile the office Staff was dealing with a blizzard of cabin anecdotes and acknowledgements to go into the Hye Life.

As lunch time rolled around, campers were treated to Taco’s or Burrito’s with a healthy dose of salad on the side.

The afternoon focused on various sports activities including basketball, soccer, volleyball, as well as various activities at the waterfront.


Evening service was led by Father Avedis.  A couple of local deer joined us, visiting the lake for an end of day drink during services.  Following services, we had a dinner of Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad.

Tonight was the Talent Show.  There were a total of eleven acts tonight including individual instrument performances, solo singers, and duets.

Following the Talent Show we gathered in the arbor from “num nums.”  As is the case every night, the cabins with the highest clean cabin scores also received S’mores.  From the arbor we then went to campfire.

After our campers were turned in for the night, the counselors gathered in the Mess Hall to decorate awards to be given out during Friday’s Tournament (more on that tomorrow!).  Some of counselors also were decorated in the process as well!

This blog has been brought to you by Hye Camp's 2nd week staff. Stay tuned for more news from Camp Hye Sierra, where we are celebrating 50 years of Armenian Church camping in California’s Sierra Mountains!