Hye Camp Week 2 Day 5 - Thursday's Daily Hye Life Blog

Good morning Hye Camp followers!  This morning we woke up to another beautiful morning and enjoyed day full of sunshine and blue skies.  As a testament to the success of last night’s fun filled night of dance, crafts, and tavloo, this morning we had only three campers get up for our 6:00 AM fishing session.  However this morning’s session was very successful.  We caught several fish, with one of our campers caught the record size fish for the week, a 10” bass.  In addition, two of our staffers fished for the first time, and both caught fish, with one catching three in all.

After fishing and cleanup, each of the cabins went to “Morning Watch”, where the cabins went to separate quiet areas to reflect and discuss what they had experienced during the week.  During their discussions, our Der Hayrs sang sharagans using the portable loudspeaker.

After a breakfast of French Toast and sausage with fresh strawberries, our campers spent the morning in morning classes addressing Armenian Dance, Music, Our Armenian Church, and Bible Study.

Following classes, we had our traditional Taco Thursday lunch, followed by an afternoon of canoeing, archery, volleyball, basketball, football, and Arts & Crafts.

Following a lasagna dinner, we went on our Evening Hike where everyone enjoyed the sunset, fellowship, as well as choreg and peaches.   Upon our return to camp, we all went to the Lion’s Den – the campfire – for our Talent Show.  We had some amazing performances by a number of our talented campers.