Hye Camp Week 2 Day 5 – Friday’s Daily Hye Life Blog

Today was a sad day for the campers…because they knew it was their last full day at camp. 

Today was also the last day for fishing.  When fishing ended at 7:00 AM, the fish were seen to be jumping for joy knowing that those Armenians were done with their catch and release!

Today Der Krikor led the campers in Badarak.  We were happy to see a lot of campers participate by singing the hymns of the Divine Liturgy.  It was also a joy to have one of the campers, Andrew, play the organ.  In his message, Fr. Krikor urged the campers to use their many talents to spread the word of God, as the disciples did.  At the end of service everyone received Holy Communion.  Assisting Der Krikor was Fr. Yeghishe and Fr. Yessai Bedros, the parish priest of St. Paul Armenian Apostolic church.  After Badarak the campers enjoyed a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, biscuits with gravy and sausage and fruit.

Our classes today included “Question & Answer,” quiz bowl.   Campers were touched by Fr. Krikor’s open dialogue of how he came to God, his calling, and other questions of spirituality.  Fr. Yegeshi taught the campers the significance of the forget-me-not flower to the Genocide as well as it’s significance to our community.

As lunchtime rolled around, campers were treated to Hot dogs, tater tots, Chili, corn chips and salad.

In the afternoon the campers were a bit tense in anticipation of the sports tournament, which included basketball, soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, archery, tavloo and more.  The Arts and Crafts staff made the best awards for all the winners.

Following evening chapel service, campers enjoyed Luleh Kabob, Armenian Pilaf, veggies and salad for dinner.  Delicious!  As a special treat the cabin clean up winners received fro-yo (frozen yogurt).

After dinner campers danced up a storm at the Arbor to traditional Armenian songs.  It was great to see some of the campers teaching “shoorjbar,” to staff, which they learned in class.

This blog has been brought to you by Hye Camp's 2nd week office staff.  It has been a joy keeping you in the Hye life loop this week. We hope you enjoyed it.  Tomorrow your kids will be returning home with lots of wonderful stories as well as lots of laundry.  Hye Camp second week signing off.