Hye Camp Week 2 Day 4 – Wednesday’s Daily Hye Life Blog

Wow! Another beautiful day here at Hye Camp!  We've really been blessed with temperate weather this week, bettejr than was forecast.

Once again we started the day off with fishing at 6:00 AM. Our campers are still excited to wake up with the sunrise and try their hand at catch and release.

For morning chapel Der Mesrop Ash gave a short sermon from the book of Timothy.  He challenged the campers to be bold in their youth and embrace the gifts that God has given them.  After chapel we went to breakfast for yummy breakfast burritos.

Our classes today included Armenian Cooking, Music, Bible Study, and Traditions and Customs.  Our campers learned how to make delicious Simit, from start to finish.  In the "Traditions" class, students learned about some fundamental rituals of the Armenian Church such as the Requiem Service and the Home Blessing.  We even blessed the campers' cabins!

As lunch time rolled around, campers were treated to Chili Dogs and chips with a healthy dose of salad on the side.

The afternoon heralded the beginning of this year’s Vartavar Games!  Vartavar is an ancient Armenian custom associated with the Feast of the Transfiguration.  It's celebrated by dowsing one another with water - what better way to spend a Hye Camp summer afternoon. The boys' cabins and the girls' cabins were paired together to make teams and they were all given names. They included The Little Mermaids, The Big Kahunas, Team Nemo, The Beach Bums, Surfer Dudes (and Dudettes), and The Baby Sharks. The games consisted of a watermelon eating contest, a water balloon toss, bean the Deans, and fill the bucket. Everyone had such a great time with all the activities with the Deans staying cool due to our campers superb with water balloon marksmanship. The Little Mermaids, which composed of the youngest boy’s cabin and the oldest girl’s cabin, were undefeated in all the competitions and won the Vartavar games.

Evening service was led by Father Avedis, who gave a great sermon about how each of us are children of God, and we should strive for perfection.  The kids sang the hymns Krisdos Ee Mech and Soorp Asdvadz with loud and energetic voices this evening.  Our Bay Area (~40 in all this year) and St. Peter’s Van Nuys camper and Staff also gathered for group photos.

Later in the evening, after a scrumptious dinner of Lahmajoon from Nina’s and homemade Boureg prepared here at Hye Camp, the campers started to get ready for the Blast from the Past Dance!

At the dance tonight – the theme was Blast from the Past – we had both dancing and showed “The Lego Movie” for those not interested in dancing.  Both our campers and the Camp Staff demonstrated their creativity with some very neat costumes!  A great time was had by all dancing with new and old friends.


This blog has been brought to you by Hye Camp's 2nd week staff. Stay tuned for more news from Camp Hye Sierra, where we are celebrating 50 years of Armenian Church camping in California’s Sierra Mountains!