Hye Camp Week 2 Day 4 – Wednesday’s Daily Hye Life Blog

Goodbye rain, hello sunshine!  It was a beautiful day here at Hye Camp today!

Once again we started the day off with fishing at 6:00 AM.  A number of our campers are still excited to wake up with the sunrise and try their hand at catch and release, as well as jogging.

For morning chapel, Der Yeghishe gave a message from Genesis Chapter 4 emphasizing the relationship between Cain and Able.  The two brothers made an offering to God: Cain’s offering was from his fields, and Able’s offering was one of his best sheep.  God did not accept Cain’s offering because he did not give his best, so Cain was jealous of his brother and eventually killed him.  The message was that when you offer something to God let it be the best, and do it with the understanding that when you offer your best, there is no need to be jealous of others.  He invited the campers and staff to think about what they have to offer to God today, and not wait for something magical to happen for them to be encouraged or inspired to do something.  For example being mindful of how you treat other people or helping someone in need. 

At the end of morning chapel our sports team and nurse led us in a number of yoga moves to relax our mind and bodies to help prepare us for the day ahead.

Our classes today included Armenian Cooking, Traditions and Customs, Music and Nature talk.  Our campers learned how to make delicious cheese boreg, from start to finish, which they enjoyed for dinner.  In the "Traditions and Custom" class, students learned about some fundamental rituals of the Armenian Church, including baptism.  During Nature talk, a Forest Service Ranger gave a talk describing the different types of animals in the area, including deer, bears, fox, mountain lions and goats.  As part of her talk she had skulls of these animals to show the differences between herbivores and omnivores.

As lunchtime rolled around, the campers were treated to chicken nuggets, potatoes, salad bar and a refreshing ice cream bar for dessert.  After lunch the Big Brothers and Sisters helped the campers play “Capture The Counselor,” with various clues.  Once the Counselors were found they were taken to the Arbor and treated to a whipped cream pie…in the FACE!  The Deans Paula and Van, appealed to the campers to spare the counselors and “pie” them instead but to no avail.

After Capture the Counselors, the campers had rest time during which they showered and played various games.

At the evening Chapel Der Krikor performed the grape blessing service, while explaining the significance of this tradition.  The service acknowledges what God provides for us and how we should be thankful and grateful. The Everyone enjoyed the blessed grapes at the end of service.

Later in the evening, after a scrumptious dinner of Lahmajoon, veggies, boreg and fruit, the campers got ready for the “WE Remember” Dance!  A number of the campers wore imaginative costumes for the dance.  Look for the photos!

This blog has been brought to you by Hye Camp's 2nd week staff. Stay tuned for more news from Camp Hye Sierra, where we are celebrating 51 years of Armenian Church camping in California’s Sierra Mountains!