Hye Camp Week 2 Day 3 - Tuesday's Daily Hye Life Blog

Hi there camp enthusiasts! We had a busy, fun filled and exciting day today at Hye Camp!

We started the day off with new and returning kids coming down to fish at 6am this morning. We had about 20 kids show up catching fish with one camper catching 5 fish!

For morning chapel Der Krikor Zakaryan gave us a beautiful chapel service.  He played Simon Says with the kids to illustrate how God is like Simon and it’s important to follow the word of God, keeping in mind that just as we follow what Simon Says similarly we should do what God tells us.  After chapel we went to breakfast for some warm pancakes, sausage, and cereal.  Our group camp picture was taken right after breakfast.  The campers will be bringing the memorable photo home on Saturday so be sure to ask them to see it.

Our morning was spent in a series of classes including Armenian History, Armenian Dance, Bible Study, and Music. Our campers had a blast learning some (as well as reviewing) dances including the Michigan Hop, Tanzara, and many others for the Armenian Dance on Friday.

Later for lunch we had a hearty sandwich and a beautiful salad buffet followed with refreshing ice cream sandwiches. Just as yesterday, our afternoon was filled with fun activities and sports.  Shortly after 5:00 PM we had our evening chapel service at the arbor. Deacon Artak Khachikyan’s service was about the power of prayer and how God always gives us hope through positive thought.  As an example he talked about Mountaineers that climb Everest, in particular one mountaineer in 1996 who collapsed and had to be left behind and was believed to be beyond rescue.  Miraculously, two days later, he arrived at the camp on his own despite being in a severe storm.  He credited his survivlal to his faith and the power of his prayer.  This experience is the subject of an upcoming movie, Everest.

After chapel, we had a delicious dinner consisting of tri-tip, Armenian style pilaf, vegetables, salad and to finish it off, a scrumptious apple strudel.  Due to rain the night hike was rescheduled for safety of the campers as it is our #1 priority.  Instead we had game night in the Mess Hall followed by campfire.  It was a delight to see a big beautiful rainbow after the rain stopped.