Hye Camp Week 2 Day 3 – Tuesday’s Daily Hye Life Blog

Hi there camp enthusiasts! We had a busy, fun filled and exciting day today at Hye Camp!

We started the day off with new and returning kids coming down to fish at 6am this morning.

For morning chapel Der Mesrop Ash from St. John Armenian Church in San Francisco give us a beautiful message about love and compassion and how we should treat each other with the same compassion that Jesus Christ had for his followers. After chapel we went to breakfast for some warm pancakes, sausage, and cereal.

Our morning was spent in a series of classes including Armenian History, Armenian Dance, Bible Study, and Music. Our campers will return home well versed in leading a variety of Armenian dances at your next wedding!

Later for lunch we had a hearty sandwich and a beautiful salad buffet followed with popsicles that gave everyone gorgeous red lips. Just as yesterday, our afternoon was filled with fun activities and sports.

Shortly after 5:00 PM we had our evening chapel service at the arbor.  Today we had a special Grape Blessing service. This year the grapes were understudied by peaches and plums. Der Avedis Abovyan from the Armenian Apostolic Church of La Crescenta gave a very insightful sermon about trusting the Lord and speaking to Him through prayer.

After chapel, we had a delicious dinner consisting of tri-tip (which was beautifully barbecued by our very own sports crew, Gregg Chorbajian and John Hovanesian), Armenian style pilaf, vegetables, salad and to finish it off, a scrumptious apple strudel.

At 7:15, as one big happy family, we set off for our grand adventure, the night hike. The trail led us through a winding forest road, which culminated at a spectacular hilltop vista. After the campers and staff had taken pictures to memorialize the sunset, Der Mesrop gave a devotional about cultivating awareness of the way God communicates with us in our daily lives.

Following the night hike, we returned to the arbor to nourish our bodies with some “num-nums” – fresh fruit and choreg provided by St. Vartan of Oakland - and headed to the basketball court to enjoy the grandeur of God's creation through stargazing. At the conclusion of the stargazing, Der Avedis gave a devotional about God having created the world, and having placed us here as its caretakers, that peace is a central theme of our prayers, and with the violence in the world today, how fortunate we are to be here in peace.  We finished up the evening singing Der Voghormya.

This blog has been brought to you by Hye Camp's 2nd week staff. Stay tuned for more news from Camp Hye Sierra, where we are celebrating 50 years of Armenian Church camping in California’s Sierra Mountains!