Hye Camp Week 2 Day 2 - Monday's Daily Hye Life Blog

We woke up this morning to a beautiful still lake and cloudy skies. By 6:00 AM we started with about 15 campers at the lake for fishing.  Many fish were caught and released with one new fisherwoman catching 6 fish! As time went on, we reached to 25 campers fishing. Also we had a pleasant surprise from two deers! In addition to fishing, we had a jogging group of about 4 people. For morning chapel we were joined by Father Yeghishe Ksachikian. Following chapel we went to breakfast for some delicious eggs, bacon, and hash browns! Yum!

Our morning was spent in a series of classes including Armenian History, Bible Study, "Our Armenian Church" and,  “Icebreakers” – an opportunity for campers to make new friends!

Lunch today consisted of pizza and watermelon and some popsicles, followed by an afternoon of the campers spending time playing basketball, volleyball, soccer, archery, creating novel items at Arts & Crafts, and spending time at the lake canoeing and in the paddle boats.

Shortly after 5:00 PM we had our evening chapel service at the Arbor. During Chapel we had a big and beautiful thunderstorm! But staff was prepared with supplying ponchos to all the campers that needed it. Tonight we had some special guests: Archbishop Vatche Hovsepian, former Primate of the Western Diocese, Arch Bishop Hovnan Derderian and Father Krikor Zakaryan.

After chapel, we  had dinner consisting of chicken parmesan, breadsticks , vegetables, and salad followed by some cookies for dessert!

After everyone had a chance to gather their stuff for the evening from their cabins, we headed up to the Mess Hall for campfire due to the rain.  At campfire tonight, each cabin performed their “Brown Paper Bag Skit” – an improvisation based on the items found in a brown paper bag in each cabin.  We also saw another episode of the ongoing skit “Boghos Zilch," and many other fun songs and skits!

Our Tuesday morning again starts at 6:00 AM for the Sports Staff and those campers wanting to go fishing or jogging.  For everyone else it’s up at 7:00 AM, Chapel at 7:30 AM, followed by breakfast at 8:00 AM.  Tuesday is filled with more classes and activities, and we also have the Night Hike for a beautiful view of the sunset with the weather permitting.

Stay tuned for more news from Camp Hye Sierra, where we are remembering the Genocide 100 years later.