Free Choice Friday

Good morning everyone!

We all had so much fun yesterday on our last full day of camp. Everyone was in hye spirits as we started off the day with Badarak down at the arbor, overlooking the lake. A few campers even served on the altar for part of the service. After taking holy communion, everyone headed over to the messhall for breakfast, and to spend their hard earned Vatche bucks. The office was abuzz all day as campers came to purchase glowsticks, bracelets, frozen yogurt and other fun items at the canteen, and we loved seeing their smiling faces and filling their requests. 

After breakfast, the campers went up the hill to try and dazzle the deans with their cleaning skills one last time. They attended classes to learn about the importance of giving back to the community and also particpated in a quiz bowl to compete and test their knowledge on everything they learned throughout the week. They also planted forget me nots in commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. Everyone enjoyed chicken fingers and seasoned potatoes for lunch, as well as homemade coleslaw. 

Then it was time to start the sports tournaments! Campers competed in chess, tavloo, volleyball, basketball, canoe racing, archery and soccer, demonstrating their skills and trying to earn the title of #1 in the sport. We had several participants who had signed up over the course of the week, and a good time was had by all. The sports crew was especially impressed with everyone's sportsmanship, and even made an award for campers in that category. There was also awards given out for those who caught the most fish over the course of the week (close to 40!) and those who caught the biggest fish. 

Meanwhile, other campers got to spend the time in whatever activities they chose - paddle boarding, hanging out at the lake, and making arts and crafts for friends and loved ones back home. They attended their final evening chapel service, and then headed up to the messhall for a big Armenian dinner of kebab and pilaf! 

Everyone had a great time at the Armenian dance, showing off what they had learned over the course of the week both in traditonal line dances, and we were very impressed by everyone's solo dancing capabilities as well. With the energy high, we went over to Super Campfire, where our evening activities crew had a a great show planned for us. We watched Boghos Zilch work with the Cheesh Pond Monster to defeat Dr. Drought and save Shushanig, sang our favorite campfire songs one more time, and laughed as counselors received their awards from the oldest campers. There were a lot of thank yous all around, as everyone recognized what fun they had over the course of the week. 

As the evening came to a close, everyone waited until midnight to take part in the traditional Midnight Howl. All the campers howled at the moon and at each other to close out the final evening of Hye Camp.