Hello Campers!

Did you meet your sweetheart at camp? We would love to include you in our CAMP SWEETHEARTS - THEN AND NOW campaign.

We are looking for photos of couples at camp when they met and current photos of couples and their families today. They will be used for promoting Camp sessions, Reunions and become a part of our Camp History.

Please help us pass along the word. If you know of a couple of Camp Sweethearts, please forward this and email to them. 

Email your scanned photos to or 
Mail *"COPIES" of photos to:
Armenian Summer Camp
6200 Balcom Avenue
Encino, Ca 91316

Disclaimer: Do not send photos on behalf of others. Sending your photos denotes permission to use them for Camp, Reunion and Camp History purposes. *If you mail your photos, we will assume they are copies and will not be returned.