Back in the Hye Life Again

We're back in the hye life again. What a great way to start off the first day of camp!

This morning our campers started to arrive, unloading their luggage, playing tetherball and choosing whether they wanted a top or bottom bunk. After getting everyone checked in the campers ran up the hill to meet their counselors and other cabin mates. They loved their themes, everything from Famous Armenian musicians to minions to little Armenian duckies. 

At 4PM the kids were extremely energetic as they came down the hill to attend the fire drill at the flagpole. After that we had one of the most interactive and exciting orientations this camp has ever seen! The director introduced all the staff members and they riled up the campers so that their relatives in Fresno, Glendale, and even Washington DC could hear them cheer. Gary gave everyone an informative presentation on the surrounding wildlife and even told us how excited he was that Hye Camp was back in session.

We had a lovely chapel service led by our Boy's Dean and Deacon, Micah Jendian, who shared his favorite passage with us -  "This the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and take joy in it."

Freshly grilled hamburgers, corn on the cob and homemade potato salad filled everyone's tummies, and some even went up for seconds. We had our first dessert of the night, watermelon and sugar cookies, and then the campers went up the hill to get all of their jackets, props and flashlights for the evening. 

Then it was time for the ICE CREAM SOCIAL! Everyone screamed for ice cream! Big smiles all around!

Who's on deck? Campfire! A Hye Camp favorite activity, everyone gathered around the stage to do their cabin skits and sang our favorite songs. There were brown bag skits, improv skits and some messages from our director and priest. As we wrapped up, everyone headed up the hill to get ready for bed. 

What a great first day! Check the blog again tomorrow evening for an update on our first full day of camp.