Wednesday: No Hump Day Here

We are officially at the midpoint of our week and it certainly wasn’t a boring day! The morning was consistent to the past few days: fishing (for those who were ambitious enough to wake up early), music to get us moving (from the 80’s this time), morning calisthenics, chapel and breakfast. Cabins then made their best attempt at cleaning their cabin (today’s winners were Cabins 6 & 7), had morning classes discussing our faith, culture and folk music. It was just before lunch that the cabins learned who their teammates would be for the second annual Hye Camp Dunlapian Games! With team names consisting of Lahmajun, Dolma, Manti, Lebni and Baklava just to name a few, everyone sat at lunch with their team to discuss strategy. It was a tough competition consisting of 12 teams competing in challenges such as three-legged race, archery challenge, wheelbarrow race and canoe challenge. It was a tough and competitive series of events, but in the end Team Shish Kebab finished in a record scoring time of 37 minutes! After the games officially ended with all teams doing extremely well, there was some much needed cooling off by jumping into the lake!

Everyone headed back for a little relaxation before getting ready for chapel and dinner. We then got ready for the glitziest night of camp: The Decades of Devotion Dance. Everyone dressed up in clothing specific to their favorite decade. It was a fun-filled night of dancing, singing, watching our boy’s dean “make it rain” in Vatche Bucks! For those who needed a little break from all the excitement, there was some projects from Arts & Crafts available along with a movie projecting on a big screen! Needless to say everyone was more than ready for bed by time it was lights out!