THURSDAY: We've Got Talent!

It was another action packed day at Hye Camp! Morning consisted of classes about Faith, Armenian Dancing and Armenian Cooking where they made manti. While eating lahmajun and our homemade manti, it was announced that Cabins 5 & 9 won the cleanest cabin for the day! The afternoon revolved around the usual activities which include basketball, volleyball, soccer, lakeside and arts & crafts. It was also the start of some of the early rounds of the Sports Tournament, which will be concluded by Friday afternoon. Tonight was the annual Talent Show which proved just how talented our camp family is! There was various acts involving singing, dancing, semi-professional lip-syncing and a live cooking show that was a site to be seen. Instead of describing our Thursday in excessive detail….let’s just show you!  We've also attached photos from last night's Decades of Devotion dance.  Enjoy!