Devoted to Our Armenian Culture

Our cabins started the morning off with a devotional led by their counselors. The cabins chose their favorite place around the campgrounds to be enriched. After a French Toast and Sausage breakfast, campers participated in Armenian Cooking, Dance, and Faith classes. We are looking forward to trying the Manti from cooking class tonight at dinner! Campers will show off their new moves from the Tamzara and Michigan Hop at the Armenian Dance tomorrow night. Our Chaplain Fr. Sarkis delivered the spiritual message for each of our campers during his class session. Tonight we have the Talent Show where staff and campers will be showcased. Check back tomorrow for pictures from the remainder of our night!

Tiny fingers making  Manti  this morning.

Tiny fingers making Manti this morning.

Finished products!

Finished products!

More  manti !

More manti!

We're enjoying making  manti !

We're enjoying making manti!

Tamzara  dancing

Tamzara dancing

Armenian Dancing!

Armenian Dancing!

Playing  tavloo  with Fr. Sarkis.

Playing tavloo with Fr. Sarkis.