Hello Hye Camp Community,

We are in the process of hiring paid staff for our 4 one week sessions of Hye Camp 2016.  We are looking for Registered Nurses and Lifeguards.  If you are available for all 4 weeks that is fantastic.  If you don't have that much time, we will consider hiring for one week increments as well.  These are paid positions and there are requirements below. 


The Armenian Church Summer Camp is a Christian youth camp located in Dunlap, California (east of Fresno). We occupy 160 acres in the Sequoia National Forest on a mountain side which encompasses two lakes. We provide 4 one week summer camp sessions starting in mid-July. Our campers range from 8-17 years old and we house approximately 130 campers and 50 staff members per week.


The Diocese Summer Camp program has been created to nurture the bodies, minds, and spirits of Armenian youth in a natural setting, providing a stimulating and fun environment of community which inspires individual growth and the values of Christian Fellowship.

Please go to http://hyecamp.squarespace.com/staff-application click on the Red Nurse/Lifeguard button to submit your application today.



Must be at least 18 years of age and have Red Cross Lifeguard Certification which includes First Aid, CPR and AED training. Lifeguard must also be Lakeside certified.  If you are not Lakeside certified and hired by us, we will reimburse your lakeside training cost.  The lifeguard will work under the direction of our Camp Nurse and Medical Liaison.



The Camp Nurse is the lead medical professional on the camp staff, responsible for managing the Infirmary and handling any and all medical related situations that arise with either campers of staff members. The most common ailments and injuries include: allergies, colds, coughs, sore throats, stomach pains, sprains, strains, cuts, and cramps. Campers or staff members with serious ailments/injuries are transported to the local urgent care facility or hospital by camp staff or 911.

There may be certain times of the day when the caseload is light and at other times it may be very busy. Camp Nurses are responsible for distribution of approved prescription and over-the-counter medications to our campers, which require that a nurse be in the Infirmary during certain times of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Although this is a summer camp, the demands of this job can be very high and the expectation is to always be professional, responsible and dedicated to the campers first and foremost.

The Medical Team, which include a Camp Nurse and two lifeguards, is very much a part of the overall staff and is encouraged to become part of our community. The Medical Team should have a presence during day and evening programming, eat meals in the dining hall, and build relationships with the campers and staff.

This is a seasonal, temporary position. Compensation will be in the amount of $1,000 per week. Minimum of one week, preferred two week term of contract. The Camp Nurse will live on campus for the duration of the session and may travel off site ONLY when all campers have departed. A training session is mandatory prior to camp to provide training on the computer


software and expectations of camp. Mandatory Training session you must attend is either June 18 (in Los Angeles) or June 25 (in Fowler)


• Check the campers in on Sunday and inspect for lice, evaluate for campers arriving ill,

and retrieve medications

• Conduct orientation on Sunday to the campers and staff regarding camp safety and


• Dispense medications at breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening rounds for campers.

• Oversee lifeguards, provide first aid to campers and ensure appropriate care is provided.

• Work closely with staff and counselors and maintain cohesiveness for campers with

mental or emotional health concerns.

• Contact parents for concerns with medications, visits to urgent care or hospital

• Communicate with Camp Medical Liaison, Camp Administrator and Director regarding

concerns and progress.

• Provide an inventory list of supplies or over-the-counter medications that were utilized

and need to be replenished for the next week.

• Make themselves available for any camper or staff need 24/7.

• Be present at all events in the afternoon and make nightly rounds prior to bedtime

“lights out”.

• Medically release all campers at the end of the camp session and return all medications

back to campers.

• Provide a summary of events that needed to be addressed and/or suggestions on events that took place to the Camp Medical Liaison.


Must have a valid driver’s license and Registered Nursing License from the state of California.

Must have a valid certification in CPR and first aid.

Must have at least 2 years of experience with children and adults age 8 and older, preferably in a school, pediatric outpatient, or hospital setting.

Will be required to obtain Nursing Insurance and will be reimbursed by the Armenian Church Summer Camp Committee for this expense.

Must attend mandatory Camp Training on either June 18 (in Los Angeles) or June 25 (in Fowler) Must adhere to the Staff and Camper rules established by the Camp Committee.



Applications will be available February 14, 2016. Visit www.hyecamp.com to apply on or after this date. Background checks will be conducted. Applicants will be contacted for a face to face interview conducted by the Camp Medical Liaison. For questions email info@hyecamp.com.