Take Me Home, Hye Camp Roads

It’s been a fun filled week that has finally come close to the end. Our last full day of camp started with a beautiful Badarak service lakeside with our chaplain Father Yeghishe Ksatchikyan. Today’s morning classes consisted of Armenian Dance, Quiz Bowl, and Youth Connect. The cleanest cabin winners for the week were Cabins 2 & 8, which were rewarded with yummy ice cream sundaes.  In the afternoon, the sports tournament consumed a majority of campers time. For everyone else who hadn’t signed up for the tournament, they had free choice to participate in whatever activity they want. After dinner everyone got ready for some Armenian Dancing at the Arbor before walking across the bridge to the big grand finale of the week…Super Campfire! There was cabin skits, the last appearance of Boghos Zilch, some extremely memorable choreographed lip-sync productions from the counselors and the Directing Staff’s remake of “Take Me Home, Country Road”. The week has flashed by so quickly, but the time has come to pack our things and make our way home. We hope everyone had a fantastic week and can’t wait to be together again in 2019!

We've Got Talent!

It was another action packed day at Hye Camp! Morning consisted of classes about Faith, Armenian Dancing and Armenian Language. The afternoon revolved around the usual activities which include basketball, volleyball, soccer, lakeside and arts & crafts. It was also the start of some of the early rounds of the Sports Tournament, which will be concluded by Friday afternoon. Tonight was the annual Talent Show which proved just how talented our camp family is! There was various acts involving singing, dancing, semi-professional lip-syncing and a live zumba class that was a site to be seen. Instead of describing our Thursday in excessive detail….let’s just show you!  We've also attached photos from last night's Homeland Pride dance.  Enjoy!

Our Best Day Yet!

We are past the midpoint of our week and it certainly wasn’t a boring day! The morning consisted of classes about Armenian language and cooking mantuh. It was just before lunch that the cabins learned who their teammates would be for the third annual Hye Camp Dunlapian Games! With team names consisting of Lahmajun, Kebab, Koufte, Boreg and Baklava (among others), they sat at lunch with their new teamates to discuss strategy. Over version of the olympics consisted of 12 teams competing in challenges such as three-legged race, archery challenge, wheelbarrow race and canoe challenge. It was a tough and competitive series of events, but in the end Team Dolma finished victorious. After the games officially ended with all teams giving it their all, there was some much needed cooling off by jumping into the lake!

Everyone headed back for a little relaxation before getting ready for chapel and dinner. We then got ready for the grooviest night of camp: The Homeland Pride Dance. Everyone dressed up and danced all night until they ran out of energy and called it a night. Needless to say it was an action packed day and night….and that’s why we’ll put the dance pictures online on Thursday ;-)

Lakeside, Tigers, and Stargazing...Oh My!

We had the best day today!  Tuesday started off like every other day until we had the coolest experience in our morning classes.  The owners of Cat Haven, a local wildlife sanctuary, stopped by and taught us all about the work they do to protect our wildlife.  Then we had the pleasure of meeting their newest Bengal Tiger cub, Apollo. It was something we’ll never forget! In the afternoon we had our regular fun and also started signing up for the sports tournaments in volleyball, basketball, tavloo, and ping pong.  After dinner we had a karaoke and game night followed by stargazing at the sport court. It was a beautiful night to admire our surroundings and learn more about the stars. Once again we are all tucked in and anticipating all the fun we’ll be having tomorrow night at the dance!

Day Two was Too Good to be True!

Our first full day of camp flew by!  The day kicked off bright and early with fishing at the Cheesh Pond.  Our morning classes included Folk Music, Q&A with our Chaplain, Der Yeghishe Ksatchikyan, and ice breakers to get to know our new camp friends better.  Then we had fun in the sun swimming, canoeing and playing sports. After dinner it was time for our camp photo where we pretended to be howling coyoooooootes.  Campfire featured a visit from Boghos Zilch and an inflatable sumo wrestling suit dance off. The sun has set on another spectacular day and we are all so happy to be at Hye Camp, our home away from home.